The Impact

Every dollar invested in church planting has a ripple effect that sustains a church, impacts individuals and influences communities to continue to invest in church planting.


CTC was established with the goal of working alongside local city leaders in global cities so they could deliver contextualized content, training, coaching and financial resources to fuel movements of the gospel in their regions. Today we are engaged in more than 75 cities, and cumulatively we’ve started 632 churches and trained and impacted 24,681 leaders. A third of these were started in the last two years.


How It Works

God calls us to be for the city, to love the city and to serve the city. Cities are growing exponentially, and CTC’s vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform lives and cities. We prayerfully help leaders start and strengthen churches to advance the gospel together in their city.


How we help leaders advance the gospel in their cities



We recruit, assess, train and resource leaders to start churches in cities.


The gospel moves through the city, and the cycle continues as others desire to lead in loving their city and seeing it renewed.


As the Holy Spirit changes individuals and church communities, the city and its people flourish.



We provide further training to strengthen churches and connect them to other churches and ministries.


We build new and support existing networks that start more churches and connect with other ministries resulting in an ecosystem working together in their community.


Through our global network, leaders in places like Johannesburg, Mexico City, Tokyo, London and NYC encourage and learn from each other

Why Cities?

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Cities are where the gospel need is and where the gospel need will be. Currently, the world is 50% urban. By 2050, 68% of the human race will work, worship, play, raise families and live in a city.

We work to connect the church to the neighborhood, connect the neighborhood to the community and connect the community to the city. Only then can the gospel reach and impact an entire city.


Building Sustainable Networks

We don’t just teach leaders how to plant churches. We equip them with the skills, resources and connections they need to build sustainable gospel centered leaders and ministries who benefit their city by advancing the gospel, around the world. Your support enabled us to equip leaders in the Asia Pacific to plant 44 churches in 2017 alone.


By 2050, 68% of the human race will work, play, raise families and worship in a city.

How will you influence the future of cities for Christ?