TIM COX, Director, Marketing and Communications

Tim Cox leads the Marketing & Communications team for City to City. 

His work in recruiting and marketing for three Christian universities prepared him for this role. His degree in music did not.

Tim and his wife Karen live in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn with their four cats. 


SUSAN THORSON, Coordinator, Marketing Writer & Editor

Susan is part of a team that works to communicate City to City’s mission, vision and story.

For as far back as she can remember, Susan has loved both reading and writing compelling words. One of her favorite parts of homeschooling their four (now adult) kids was teaching a variety of literature and writing classes in their co-op where she shared her passion for captivating communication, tales and characters.

She was thrilled when she and her husband Doug moved to NYC in 2015, as she has always had a love for cities and feels her dad’s childhood in Queens somehow placed NY in her blood and in her heart. Susan and Doug have been married for 34 years. Three of their kids now live in NYC and one in DC. Susan loves flea markets, thrift stores, cozy outdoor dining spots, connecting with family and friends and looking and listening for the stories we all have.


PEACE AISOGUN, Manager, Marketing

Peace works on this very website, social media, digital marketing and organizational communication strategy. Her previous work at a transnational non-profit program based in New York as well as her degree in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations from Evangel University, prepared her for this role.

She is a spoken word artist, a podcaster, photographer and as native to New York as a Nigerian immigrant can be.

Peace likes to meet new people, explore old places and share ideas.
She is not a fan of delayed transit or slow wifi.


RACHEL MARTIN, Manager, Creative

Rachel works on all things media and design. She hopes to share stories of hope and renewal with the CTC community.

Her previous work in non-profit communications at New City Kids has prepared her for her role at CTC. Rachel studied Photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and has also worked in fashion as a photographer and retoucher.

Originally from the San Antonio area, Rachel lives in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn where she enjoys the tree outside her window and the amazing morning light. She does not enjoy the constant construction.


PAUL DEDEWO, Coordinator, Social Marketing

Paul is a first-gen American born and raised in New York City, the Bronx, Morris Heights, to Nigerian immigrants.

He has worked for HFNY, CFW, Redeemer East Side, and now CTC, since 2012. Paul is also a professional runner for Team USA who has traveled to 15+ countries and trains in Phoenix, AZ where he works from. He spends his off-time chilling with refugees, dabbling in data science and waiting for the next Kendrick Lamar album to drop.